NFT marketplace development offers a promising source of revenue

ApexDv can provide everything you need with our expertise in eCommerce and over five years of experience in blockchain, to deliver easy-to-use, transparent, and feature-rich NFT marketplaces or adopt NFT for your existing marketplace.The total NFT market capitalization.

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NFT marketplace development challenges

If you want to benefit from the fast growing and promising NFT market you must consider the following technology aspects in order to be successful

A Storefront with flawless UX/UI

For a seamless selling process, including search, filters, bidding functionality, listings management, etc

Bullet-proof smart contracts

For proper NFTs minting and IP tokenization

99.9% storefront availability and reliability

State-of-art infrastructure that handles numerous users, operators, and transactions is a must


Maintaining stringent cybersecurity is a must to be protected from all internal and external threats

Intuitive crypto-native payment options

A flawless way for users to buy and sell NFTs using cryptocurrencies, including the use of traditional credit and debit cards

Convenient B2B portal

For managing relationships with asset-owners, all from a single platform

AML/KYC compliance

To prevent money laundering, enable customers’ transactions to be monitored, and to generate reports on suspicious financial activity

Efficient back-office

Impeccable integration with CRM, ERP, and third party services to automate internal operations

ApexDv offers a team of experts in blockchain, Ethereum, ERC-721, ERC-1155 protocols, eCommerce, cybersecurity, web and mobile application development, and DevOps that builds an accessible and robust NFT marketplace that guarantees sustainable income and high ROI.

NFT Marketplace Development

We provide technical infrastructure services for you to build a one-stop NFT platform.


NFT marketplace development

Our combination of NFT and eCommerce expertise ensures your NFT marketplace is user-friendly, intuitive, and reliable. Let us create your successful NFT marketplace to begin receiving significant ROI.


Nft mining platform development

We Build And Deploy Platforms For Creating Non-Fungible Tokens And Releasing Them To The Blockchain. We Then Set Up The Smart Contract With All The Required Data, Including Fees, And Create A User-Friendly Interface Regardless Of The Platform Being A Part Of A Blockchain Ecosystem Or A Standalone Solution.


nft staking platform development

We Will Maintain The Whole Process Of Developing A Platform Utilizing Non-Fungible Tokens For Staking, From Creating An Engaging Interface To Fine-Tuning Each Feature And Integrating The Platform Into Your Ecosystem If Needed.


nft auction portal development

Our NFT Experts And World-Class Developers Will Bring You A Bidding Platform Ready To Hold Secure And Transparent NFT Auctions Having All The Required Functionality For Admins, Sellers And Buyers. Besides Must-Have Features, We Can Enrich Bidding Platforms With AI-Powered Feed For Buyers, Real-Time Statistics And Automated Workflows To Streamline The NFT Auction Process.


nft loan platform development

As An Expert In Software Development And Fintech, ApexDv Can Create A Platform For Managing Loans With Non Fungible Tokens Acting As Collateral. Our Specialists Cover Everything From Outstanding Design And User Experience To Swift Response And Impeccable Security.


nft games development

ApexDv Can Handle The Process Of A Full Fledged NFT Game Development. We Create Gaming Platforms And Implement The Ability For The Players To Earn NFT That Can Further Be Traded. NFT Pay-To-Earn Is Believed To Be The Future Of The Gaming Industry Due To The High Involvement Of Players In The Gaming And Asset Trading Processes.


nft art gallery development

With Our Profound Expertise In Design And Software Development, We Can Curate An Art Gallery With A Design Matching Your Collection Of Tokenized Art And Help It Catch People’s Attention. ApexDv Dispatches Various Kinds Of NFT Art Galleries From One Page Websites To Immersive Interactive Worlds For The Metaverse.


nft wallet app development

By Utilizing Vast Expertise, ApexDv’s Software Development Specialists Deliver Web, Desktop, Mobile Or Cross Platform NFT Wallet Applications Showing High Reliability, Swiftness And Flawless Security While Being As User Friendly As Possible. We Connect Applications To Any Blockchain Platform That Supports NFT Rules.


Intellectual property tokenization

We fuse our expertise in NFT and blockchain technology to ensure intellectual property management systems operate effectively, and asset tokenization logic and execution are flawless. You can use these systems for your own company or offer them to third parties.

ApexDv’s NFT marketplace development solutions

Get the ROI-generating NFT marketplace from the real blockchain experts.ApexDv speaks Ethereum, eCommerce, cybersecurity, DevOps, mobile, and web development.


Expert NFT development and integration

ApexDv develops functionality to create NFTs from scratch, and implements it into existing marketplaces. This allows users to successfully tokenize their digital assets and manage them.


Turn-key marketplace development

From prototyping to design, MVP development, and the launch, ApexDv owns every step of your NFT marketplace project. Get a UX-friendly NFT trading platform while complying with the Ethereum Request for Comments (ERC) 721 and 1155 standards.


NFT security check and security-driven development

ApexDv provides complete audit and security tests of your current smart contracts. We analyze and fix any loopholes in the logic and source code, preventing potential malicious intrusions. For new projects, we initially develop in accordance with the ISSAF and OWASP methodologies.


Platform maintenance at any project lifecycle stage

ApexDv does not just maintain the current infrastructure of a project, but troubleshoots third-party integrations, keeps the nodes in working order, and resolves any and all compatibility issues.


Multiple currency support

Allow your platform to support multiple fiat and cryptocurrencies. ApexDv builds NFT marketplaces powered by built-in exchange hubs making trading easier for clients.


Device agnostic user experience

ApexDv specializes in mobile and web development. Bring your NFT marketplace to Google Play and the App Store with a full-featured mobile app, not just a responsive version of the website.

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Frequently Asked Questions Have a question? You’re covered.

What tech professionals can you provide to extend my team?

Developers, QA engineers, business analysts, scrum masters, project managers, DevOps engineers, UX/UI designers, support engineers to name a few.

How quickly will I get a response from ApexDv?

We will do our best to contact you within 2 hours. In exceptional cases we might need 24 hours.

I have a startup idea. Can you develop a custom product for me?

Absolutely. We deliver full-cycle custom product development with further product support and maintenance.

What kind of tech support do you provide?

We provide thorough third-line product support: modifications and updates after the software product delivery.

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