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NFT is everywhere! Undeniably, the popularity of non-fungible tokens is soaring day by day. Yes, it has gained new heights during the past few years, even though it has been around us for more than five to six years. This has significantly impacted many sectors in a positive way.

Mapping the NFT revolution, contemplating this, it would be great to develop & launch an NFT marketplace. Would you wish to be part of the NFT journey? Are you up with the thought of launching the NFT trading platform instantly?

ApexDv provides top-tier NFT marketplace development services. The solution we offer is customizable for Individual expectations. So the choice of the blockchain network is yours, and the features to be infused could be based on how you want the platform to function.

Connect with us, get the NFT marketplace development solution, and join the NFT revolution within the shortest possible time. Thereby providing a stage for traders to buy and sell digital assets and collectibles in a safe and secure way.

Our NFT development services

We adopt the power of our world-class talents and profound knowledge of blockchain and NFTs to deliver tailored solutions of any type, from designing an asset for the token to developing a unique NFT marketplace. NFTs can be filled with anything, from digital art and music to virtual real estate and real-life experiences. This feature makes NFTs a unique and versatile tool for brand promotion.

NFT asset design

Our designers will create assets into 2 or 4 dimensions and will mint into tokens bringing life to its digital form. Then that asset can be listed into any NFT Marketplace of your desired choice.

Intellectual property tokenization

Our team of specialists will assist you in creating your own intellectual property of NFT. It can be anything such as an image, video, painting etc.

NFT minting

Minting an NFT is, uniquely publishing your token on the blockchain to make it purchasable. A simple step-by-step for starting this involves creating a digital wallet, specifically one that securely stores Cryptocurrency.

Smart contract development

Revolutionize your business with our smart contract development services for private, public and hybrid blockchains. With deep expertise in various smart contract programming languages, we help enterprises automate their operations, streamline workflow, and reduce the cost of key processes.

Migrating NFTs

For seamless migration between blockchains, our blockchain specialists will create cross chain bridges to transfer tokens from one block chain to another.

Cross-chain NFT platform development

At ApexDv, we build NFT platforms and marketplaces equipped with cross-chain capabilities such as blockchain networks interoperability, cross-chain transactions, and multi-token wallet systems. They ensure efficient, secure, and seamless NFT exchange in different networks.

NFT solutions development

NFT marketplace development

ApexDv provides top-tier NFT marketplace development services. The solution we offer is customizable for Individual expectations. So the choice of the blockchain network is yours, and the features to be infused could be based on how you want the platform to function.

NFT minting platform development

We build and deploy platforms for creating non-fungible tokens and releasing them to the blockchain. We then set up the smart contract with all the required data, including fees, and create a user-friendly interface regardless of the platform being a part of a blockchain ecosystem or a standalone solution.

NFT staking platform development

We will maintain the whole process of developing a platform utilizing non-fungible tokens for staking, from creating an engaging interface to fine-tuning each feature and integrating the platform into your ecosystem if needed.

NFT auction portal development

Our NFT experts and world-class developers will bring you a bidding platform ready to hold secure and transparent NFT auctions having all the required functionality for admins, sellers and buyers. Besides must-have features, we can enrich bidding platforms with AI-powered feed for buyers, real-time statistics and automated workflows to streamline the NFT auction process.

NFT loan platform development

As an expert in software development and Fintech, ApexDv can create a platform for managing loans with non fungible tokens acting as collateral. Our specialists cover everything from outstanding design and user experience to swift response and impeccable security.

NFT games development

ApexDv can handle the process of a full fledged NFT game development. We create gaming platforms and implement the ability for the players to earn NFT that can further be traded. NFT pay-to-earn is believed to be the future of the gaming industry due to the high involvement of players in the gaming and asset trading processes.

NFT art gallery development

With our profound expertise in design and software development, we can curate an art gallery with a design matching your collection of tokenized art and help it catch people’s attention. ApexDv dispatches various kinds of NFT art galleries from one page websites to immersive interactive worlds for the Metaverse.

NFT wallet app development

By utilizing vast expertise, ApexDv’s software development specialists deliver web, desktop, mobile or cross platform NFT wallet applications showing high reliability, swiftness and flawless security while being as user friendly as possible. We connect applications to any blockchain platform that supports NFT rules.

Platforms we develop NFTs on

Ethereum-based NFT development

We will leverage our expertise for your NFT development to create outstanding products as per the leading NFT blockchain platform Ethereum.

Development on Binance Smart Chain

We will build you NFT solutions based on Binance Smart Chain to forge the product keeping up with the high industry standards.

Utilizing Tezos for NFT development

We always develop securely, with energy efficiency, and easily scalable NFT products based on Tezos blockchain technology.

Cardano-based NFT development

Our team of specialists will create securely, transparently, and with sustainable products based on Cardano blockchain.

NFT development on Solana

Our blockchain & NFT specialists utilize Solana blockchain to tailor products showing swift transactions and low gas fees.

Polkadot-based NFT development

Our specialists utilize Polkadot blockchain to develop highly secure and easily scalable cross-blockchain solutions.

Have your NFT project done by Innowise Group

Our world-class NFT developers will swiftly bring your project from the idea to a functional product

Benefits of NFTs

Apart from being one of the most booming technologies at the moment, non-fungible tokens offer an array of opportunities for individuals and businesses that were not available earlier. Innowise Group’s broad expertise in the field gives a chance to secure a formidable position in this market.


Non-fungible tokens are a blockchain-based technology. Each token is a unique record in a blockchain of your choice, which functions as an immutable digital signature and guarantees uniqueness and ownership. It leads to impenetrable security of the asset put into the token since any blockchain is virtually unhackable nowadays.


NFTs have a wide range of use cases. You can put digital art, music, GIFs, collectibles, etc. into a token and spread it to any relevant audience. Moreover, they can be used not only as a proof of authenticity, but also as a certificate of ownership of any physical or digital item. Potentially, we can utilize this technology to create digital IDs that will be impossible to forge.

Market efficiency

Combining all the features above, we get a significant increase in market efficiency established by NFTs. Utilizing NFTs doesn’t just bring the creators and consumers closer to each other, while simultaneously solidly impacting the market. NFTs can streamline and secure buy/sell operations and enable easier monetization.

How can NFTs be utilized?

Non-fungible tokens are a versatile tool that can be precisely tailored to particular needs.

Managing assets

When the asset is converted into an NFT, it can be stored or transferred to another user easily and securely. Users can manage their NFTs via one application and the blockchain will exclude the possibility of fraud


Whether it’s a piece of art, an in-game item or a physical asset, an NFT can act as a certificate of ownership or authenticity that can’t be forged.

Software licensing

Non-fungible tokens can replace license keys. By putting the license information into an NFT and sending the token to an end-user, developers can automate the process of software distribution and licensing.

Subscription management

Just like software licensing, NFTs enable end customers to subscribe to the services or content from the creators.

NFTs and Metaverse

As a term, Metaverse describes a digital world bringing its visitors an experience similar or even better than the one they can get in the offline world. We already can see immersive online experiences such as digital museums, art exhibitions, shops, and games.

NFTs will become an integral part of the Metaverse allowing users to transfer owned assets from one virtual world to another and use them anywhere in the digital universe. In this case, non-fungible tokens will serve as proof of possession or authenticity of an asset. This feature will make NFTs rapidly spread their popularity across the globe and become greatly valuable.

NFT for any industry


Digital artists and digital art agencies can expand their audience and customer pool by minting digital art into non-fungible tokens and selling it at NFT marketplaces.

Digital content

Digital content creators can mint any tweet, post on Reddit or any other piece of content and spread it both as a meme or useful information, gaining recognition and expanding loyal audience.


Music labels and independent musicians can utilize non-fungible tokens to increase revenue from distributing their tracks by creating special edition NFT music, selling NFT subscriptions to future releases, etc.


Video creation teams, film and television production companies, and independent video bloggers can fully or partially mint their movies into NFTs and distribute them increasing revenue and popularity.


In gaming, NFTs can act as proof of possession over in-game items making them more valuable, the games more popular, and increasing game creators’ revenue regardless of the team size and game genre.


Professional athletes, sports teams, and community leaders can utilize NFTs to create and distribute unique assets both totally virtual and having real-life twins increasing community engagement and brand awareness.


Fashion houses and independent fashion designers can unleash the power of NFTs to create digital twins of existing physical assets or completely digital fashion items for avatars or AR filters.


Collectible items with a certain level of rarity can be released and distributed in the form of an NFT by any brand or individual expanding the brand awareness, increasing customer loyalty, and boosting revenue.

Real estate

In real estate, non-fungible tokens can be utilized as a certificate of ownership over any physical property like land or building as well as digital lands like those in The Sandbox or Decentraland.

Domain names

Rights over domain names can be securely and swiftly passed through blockchain with the help of non-fungible tokens containing all the necessary data like the domain name itself, previous owner, and the new owner.

Who should consider NFT development services?

Diving into the world of NFTs unveils a lot of opportunities being most beneficial for

  • Exchange and DeFi platform owners;
  • Museums, art galleries, and auction houses;
  • Independent artists and photographers;
  • Custom brand owners;
  • Musicians, record labels and filmmakers;
  • Content creators and influencers.
  • NFT developers for hire

    ApexDv offers dedicated teams of highly skilled IT professionals and individual software engineers to work on your NFT development projects. Relying on our experience in blockchain, we build top-notch NFT solutions sticking to all the recent market and technology trends.

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    Our technology stack

  • AWS
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Heroku
  • Microsoft Azure
  • AWS
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Heroku
  • Microsoft Azure
  • AWS
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Heroku
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Javascript
  • Python
  • Kotlin
  • C and C++
  • HTML
  • React
  • Angular
  • TypeScript
  • IBM Cloud
  • Oracle Cloud
  • Alibaba Cloud
  • Our NFT development process


    Non-fungible tokens are a blockchain-based technology. Each token is a unique record in a blockchain of your choice, which functions as an immutable digital signature and guarantees uniqueness and ownership. It leads to impenetrable security of the asset put into the token since any blockchain is virtually unhackable nowadays.


    Our specialists determine the precise development specs, estimate the cost and time requirements, arrange the launch plan and assign Innowise Group’s NFT experts to the project.


    We forge a mock-up of the NFT product representing its presumed look, UI/UX, features, implemented technologies, and discuss the release plan.


    ApexDv’s NFT specialists tailor the project and conduct all the needed quality assurance operations proving its impeccability. During this stage, all the progress and metrics can be tracked via a preferable project management tool.


    After a successful project launch, our talents continue working on the project by providing support, rolling out updates containing new features, and scaling it up as the business grows.

    Why Hire Blockchain Development Team from Capital Numbers

    Why hire a blockchain development team from ApexDv?

    By partnering with ApexDv, you'll get access to our 100+ in-house developers and will be able to fill any role immediately.

    World-class Coding Standards

    We adhere to: 1. Security best practices 2. Test-driven development and Test automation 3. API documentation with Swagger 4. In-line code comments as a default standard

    You’re in control

    You get a dedicated blockchain development team entirely under your control but without the administrative issues and hassles. You control your team’s work, and all processes are fully transparent, so you know exactly who’s doing what, when, and why.

    Work with Experts

    Hire product developers across 20+ skill sets: Access varied tech stacks and build your product in React, Node, Python, Angular, Java, Rails, PHP, Vue, .Net/C#, and many other languages and frameworks.

    Hassle-free production

    Our HR specialists, office managers, and system administrators make sure your development team’s working conditions are perfect.

    Low Attrition

    Corporate outings, regular training, engagement activities, career counseling, grievance handling – our HR veterans will sure every developer you hire with us stays motivated to try hard to make you successful.

    Zero Overheads

    Payroll, taxes, benefits, sick days, and vacations for your team – we’ve got you covered.

    50% Cost reduction

    Our clients have been able to save up to 50% in labor costs.

    4.8/5 Rating on Clutch

    Our clients highlight our ability to build great personal relationships with them, except for the excellent code quality.

    75% of the company – senior and middle developers

    We invest in attracting the best talent from the market. We hire only strong middle and senior blockchain developers and no juniors.

    ISO 27001 Information Security

    Capital Numbers adheres to ISO 27001 certified information security standards to ensure that your IP and investment are protected.

    Your ideal choice, whether you need just any one talent or a full-cycle development team

    In the broadest sense, project managers (PMs) are responsible for planning, organizing, and directing the completion of specific projects for an organization while ensuring these projects are on time, on budget, and within scope.

    Business analysts evaluate past and current business data with the primary goal of improving decision-making processes within organizations.

    UI designers design all the screens that make up a digital user interface, as well as the individual elements featured on those screens. As such, they consider both the overall layout of each individual screen and how all the separate screens fit together.

    A front-end developer builds the front-end portion of websites and web applications—that is, the part that users actually see and interact with. A front-end developer creates websites and applications using web languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript allow users to access and interact with the site or app.

    Quality assurance (QA) analysts are responsible for the final step in the development of a game, website or any software product before it is released to the public. QA analysts look for flaws and weaknesses in the program.



    Most well known network for digital asset transactions and smart contract validation


    Easy interoperable network reducing network fees


    Most well-known and easy-to-use network named Binance Smart Chain


    Efficient in handling thousands of transactions with a proof-of-history (POH) system


    A highly secure and scalable with proof-of-stake (POS) timestamping


    Helps in a high-speed transaction with zero transaction fees


    Efficient in handling thousands of transactions with a proof-of-history (POH) system


    Most well known network for digital asset transactions and smart contract validation



    Smart coding is to avoid all the technical risk right away while writing the code and make it fault resistant. We plan the actions and how users could react before writing the code.


    We take utter care of code stability before releasing any of the products. We use various testing tools to check the stability of code as well as products.


    The reusability of code reduces redundancy and development time. The optimization of code is very important and we do it by having reusability of the code.


    Beautiful Code is the code that seems professional and understandable. It is written as per the widely accepted coding standard.

    What our clients say about our work

    Was looking for expert team to develop Apexdv Clone for my real estate business . After going through the demo i was very happy to select Web Development India. They delivered the complex solution in 1 month time and i am very happy with there services .


    I am blessed to work with web development UK team and very excited with the launch of my new software product . All the best to the team for the wounderfull job they have accomplished.


    We have been working with Blockchain Development UK for last 2 years and found there services impeccable. They delivered what was promised and on time. We can recommend them.


    I was worried reading some of the reviews here, but I trusted the company to help me develop a real estate website. My contact Mark was very accessible on the phone and they produced some good work. I will keep working with them on enhancements and I hope everything goes well.


    It has been a pleasure working with web development agency. I really appreciate your dedication and creativity in your work.thanks guys !!


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    Recent Works


    NFT development solutions: all your questions answered

    It takes at most 48-hours for the process to be complete. On the bright side, the fee is a one-time payment. Additionally, you can take your smart contract to any other NFT management platform as long as they allow you to import it. Remember that it is impossible to create a smart contract for free.

    There are several factors that can drive the price of an NFT. From market conditions to buyer demand, these aspects range across a wide spectrum.
    Some of these components include but are not limited to:

    • Market demand.
    • Buyer emotion.
    • Investment potential.
    • Creator’s popularity.
    • Asset’s uniqueness.

    It enables you to operate several platforms that need many tokens quickly. Not just that, you smoothly handle the collectibles alongside the blockchain network.

    ApexDv’s software development specialists build whitelabel NFT marketplaces allowing our clients to provide their contractors with highly customizable solutions that can be easily and rapidly deployed.

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