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Wallet summary creation, Enhancement of an entry point into external DApps, New networks support


6 Months
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AlphaWallet is an Ethereum based application tailored to help individuals manage their tokenized assets: fungible and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). It is the most popular fully open sourced Ethereum wallet on iOS and Android platforms with more than 600 forks used by enterprises and small projects alike.


Our objective is to create or import a new wallet in the application with a personal private key. Use a dashboard displaying all tokens you have. Add a new token after making sure that a relevant network is selected . Send and receive tokens through using your wallet public address or the QR code. Set speed for a transaction through specifying the amount of gas you are willing to pay. Buy more cryptocurrency through entering needed applications in the browser.


Popularity of cryptocurrencies and tokens is increasing, while early adopters and users face the following constraints:

Token user experience for distributed applications are poor, as they are fragmented and have complex UI

Businesses that want to create a token and distribute it among their clients or stakeholders, need to develop their own wallet for this purpose, which is time- and cost-consuming.

Users lack easy to use tools that would integrate their wallets for token management with other DApps to sell, buy or exchange their assets with a wider audience.


There are many unique challenges associated with this new evolving technology, and future-proof building architecture is one of them. As Ethetherum is a decentralized currency and code written on this platform cannot be altered or modified meaning, there is merely no possibility of backdoors. This signifies one can land up losing the involved parties a lot of money.

Debugging smart contracts while using the Ethereum platform is complex, as it is hard to find out where the transaction failed-out. Finding better-debugging tools is the only near solution to build better infrastructure.

Bitcoin networks have always suffered backlogs, and Ethreum is another platform based on blockchain technology that suffers from the same. Wallet initialization is one of the prime concerns associated with this platform because if a contract creation transaction is stuck in between and the user starts sending other transactions at the same time, in that case, it will be impossible for the Ethereum network to fire appropriate contract events.

Our Solutions

AlphaWallet enables peer to peer networks, where users could easily execute token transactions among each other.It supports the TokenScript standard, which helps to create customized and intuitive interfaces for various tokens.It supports a Web 3.0 browser, that empowers users to access different DApps.

The wallet helps users to manage their tokenized assets in a simple way: with your car ownership token in the wallet, you can control, sell, transfer, collateralise or share it.It helps users manage their NFTs effectively: Users can see their NFT across multiple chaines, with images in the wallet and load NFT assets directly from marketplaces.AlphaWallet supports all public and private EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) networks, thus enabling a variety of tokens in the wallet.


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